Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beautful day!

I can't beleive how nice today and yesterday turned out!! Yesterday was 70, not sure what today is.  I got the garden taken care of yesterday, filled up one whole yard debri bin.  Thankfully I have 2 of them!  I had some projects that I had to do today so I haven't been able to get out to the front and take care of the leaves, but I'm done with the inside things that I needed to do so, I'm off to do the leaves.  The leaves are so pretty, but such a pain in the neck to rake up!  That's what I hate most about fall, besides the colder weather.  It makes me sad that it's getting colder outside. :(  Rumor has it that we're going to have a wet winter as well.
Oh, and update on my room, sadly I'm still not done with it.  I've been looking for a box that has some of my stuff in it that I want to put in my room.  I can't find that stuff at the moment.  I need to look in the pantry in the garage, and hopefully it will be in there.
Well, time to go out in the yard and rake up the leaves!

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