Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And more bike riding!!

I did it!!  I finally rode my bike to work!!  Ok, I rode my bike to the max station and then from the max to work.  We just had a meeting that I had to go to.  My legs are feeling a little jelloey right now though.  It was soooo totally worth it!!  I need to get some kind of tail/head lights for my bike so I can ride in the dark if I choose to ride in the morning to work.  I would totally do it tomorrow too if I had some lights.  I have reflectors but I think I would feel safer if I had actual lights.  I didn't come the same way home though.  I wanted to drop something off at a friends house so I came the long way home.  All in all, today's ride was 8 miles!  That's my best yet!
I raised the seat on my bike too to make it easier to peddle.  Why did I have to be cursed with such long legs..... Because I have to have my seat so high, I can't touch the ground when I stop.  I'm sure that's not  how you're supposed to do it, but it's easier on my legs that way.  Once I get more strength in my legs I can lower it some more to where I can actually touch.  I really like to ride my bike to work in the mornings during the summer.  I though it would take me longer, but it actually only took me about 45 minutes to get there.  I don't think that's too bad.  And if I continue to ride every day like that, the inches are just going to keep coming off.  I can't believe how loose my pants are now!  The thighs have gotten looser too and are a little on the baggy side!  So happy!!!  I wish I had taken measurements when I started my "diet".  My scale doesn't move but I know I'm loosing weight because my clothes are getting too big.  I'm still amazed at how good I feel after riding my bike!  Even though I'm just absolutely exhausted, I feel great!  It doesn't take long for my legs to recover either.  Since Friday is payday, I think I had better put bike helmet and lights for my bike on my list of things to buy.
Oh, the only thing that sucked about today's bike ride, my back tire was hit by a car.  He wasn't paying attention to the cross walk.  He was only watching on-coming traffic and didn't look the other way before pulling out and I was already in the crosswalk.  Thankfully it was only my back tire he hit and not anything else.  I was REALLY lucky today too.  He wasn't going fast or anything, he had just started to pull out onto the street.  And I had tried to swerve away from him to otherwise he probably would have me.  I bet that guy got the shit scared out of him today and will always look both ways before pulling out into the street now.  I know it scared my!  I just can't believe he didn't stop and just kept on going!  That reminds me, I need to thank my guardian angles for watching over me and making sure I was ok today!

Of course that little incident won't stop me from riding my bike, and I'll definitely make sure I ALWAYS have my helmet on.  And on that note, I wish everyone Happy bike riding days!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My big bike ride!

So I did it!  I finally got out and rode my bike into town!  It was a little over 6 miles round trip!  I needed to get a new battery for my pikachu pedometer so instead of taking the car, I took my bike.  Sure it took me about 10 times longer, but it was so totally worth it!!  And so much fun!  Rocking out to my iPod.  It wasn't super hot today, but it was hot enough.  Hopefully I'll sleep good tonight!  I feel great!  I'm almost ready to go for another bike ride!  A friend is coming over shortly so I wasn't able to ride around as long as I wanted to, but that's ok.  There's always another day :)  Perhaps next week!  And I need to remember to take more water with me and some gatorade!  I got some at the store on the way home and it really hit the spot!
But, yup!  It was definately a great bike ride!  I hop munchkin hurries up and gets her legs nice and strong so we can do those kinds of rides together! :)
I love my bike so much!!