Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My big bike ride!

So I did it!  I finally got out and rode my bike into town!  It was a little over 6 miles round trip!  I needed to get a new battery for my pikachu pedometer so instead of taking the car, I took my bike.  Sure it took me about 10 times longer, but it was so totally worth it!!  And so much fun!  Rocking out to my iPod.  It wasn't super hot today, but it was hot enough.  Hopefully I'll sleep good tonight!  I feel great!  I'm almost ready to go for another bike ride!  A friend is coming over shortly so I wasn't able to ride around as long as I wanted to, but that's ok.  There's always another day :)  Perhaps next week!  And I need to remember to take more water with me and some gatorade!  I got some at the store on the way home and it really hit the spot!
But, yup!  It was definately a great bike ride!  I hop munchkin hurries up and gets her legs nice and strong so we can do those kinds of rides together! :)
I love my bike so much!!

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