Friday, July 29, 2011

The sensation of flying

It's very rare when you get a whole day where you can feel care free, so when you only get a chance to be that care free for moments at a time, how can you not jump at them?
Today I had one of those moments.  I had forgotten how invigorating riding a bike could be.  So I thought about it and had to ask myself:  What is it about riding a bike that makes you feel so free?
Is it the sensation of the wind in your hair, or perhaps it's feeling the sun warming your skin as the air flows over your whole body.  Could it be the burning sensation in your legs as you peddle faster.  Feeling your spirit soar as you fly down the road.  Seeing every bump in the road as an obstacle trying to slow you down and laughing at it as you fly over it.
This is what it felt like today when I was riding my bike with my daughter.  Racing each other.  Stopping at hidden paths to explore what might be hiding behind those bushes.  It was an amazing time.  Even though it may have only lasted a couple hours, it was AMAZING!  I can't wait for the chance when we get to ride our bikes together again.  Riding  not to exercise or to get back into shape, but just for the pure joy of riding.
We packed a sack lunch dinner and ate our pb&js at the park along with some wonderful summer cherries.  It makes me happy to know that my daughter will always remember these days with a smile.  So when I'm gone and she misses me, she can think back on the fun we had as she rides her bike with her kids and shares a new experience with them.

So in love with life right now!!

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