Saturday, January 8, 2011

I feel like I'm just melting away!!

I'm so happy!!  I've lost another 5 lbs!  I'm not sure how many total that is, bit I think it's like 35 lbs now.  I'm so friggin happy!!!  I've been loosing since about mid september!  What a great way to start the year!  And loosing weight wasn't even one of my new years resolutions! lol.  I think if I had made it a resolution, I wouldn't be able to keep up with it.  But I'd like to compare pictures.  The one of me from this summer and one that was taken just a few weeks ago. :)

Here's the photo that was taken over the summer, makes me sick just looking at myself.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but i can feel a difference, mainly in my clothes.  And of course the way I look at myself in the mirror.  I feel thinner, so I guess that's what really matters! 
And that's my wonderful Grandma in the pic with me, and I'm holding my uncle's new puppy.  He was so cute!!!
I can't wait to loose more!  I'm releived that I have aboslutely no cravings for any kind of fast food or junk food.  Deffinately makes loosing weight a lot easier!  For breakfast I have an Odwalla bar, for lunch I have another odwalla bar, then I make Munchkin and I a nice dinner.  And they are small portions.  Of course I am still taking my vitamins, 2 glucosamine, 2-4 focus factor, 2 omaga-3 fish oil capsules, and 1 multivitamin.  Every now and again, i have a sip of soda, but it's like 4 oz, and no more than 8 oz that may be once a week, if i even have any.  I also conitnue to have sweets and some junk foods, I just have them in moderation anymore.  I just still can't believe how easy it is to loose the weight anymore.  I guess every other time I've tried I haven't been ready subconciously, but now I am ready.  That's really the only explanation, or it's the focus factor.  And it does help me focus in school.  I stopped taking if for like a week, and when I went back to school, I could tell a difference.  I had a hard time paying attention and retaining the knowledge.  But this isn't an add for focus factor lol.

Oh, Happy New Year!!!

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