Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little visitor swap

I've joined a swap on my favorite website, craftster.  It's called the Little Visitor swap.  Basically, I get to send one of my stuffies ( in this case I sent 2, they're twins), and in turn my partner sends me their stuffie.  I get to carry this little fella around for the next couple of months.  My partner is sending me a sock monkey that she made, named Miles.  I sent her amigurumi, and they're names are Fred and George.  Yes, just like the Weasley twins from the Harry Potter books.  Their my favorite characters and the yarn I had made me think of something their mother might make a sweater out of.  Yes I know Fred died, but they're my dolls and this is them before all that bad stuff started happening.

Here they are.  When they get home, I'm gong to give them limbs.  I think they'll be cuter with the limbs on them.  I just didn't have time to make them before they left.  Fred is the one with the silver eyes and George has the green eyes.  I did this in part because I only had 1 set of each and because the silver one's look like they would belong on a corpse.  I also gave them red hair.  I think it makes them look REALLY cute!! 
I can't wait for Miles to get here, There's going to be so many pictures!  I'm hoping he'll be here before friday because we're going to Sand Lake for Memoial day and it would be a perfect way to start off the swap!

Ok, well, now to get back to my other swaps.  I need to get them all done before I go on vacation otherwise I won't be able to finish them.

Happy Thrusday everyone!!!

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