Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a great week it's been!!!

It's been such a great week!  Had lots of fun at the beach.  My mom met up with one of her really old friends from high school and she spent the day with us.  I'm glad Sue was able to join us.  On the way down to the beach we stopped off at a must eat place on highway 26, Camp 18.  It's an old logging camp.  They've got all kinds of neat logging equipment, really old stuff to.  Lots of old pictures of logging that was done in the area and stuff.  I had the razor clam dinner, and boy was it yummy!!  I haven't had razor clams in a long time.  They weren't as good as the ones my dad makes, but still pretty tastey.
Saturday is when Sue came to hang with us.  It made my mom happy to have her friend come and visit.  We walked around downtown Seaside, had lunch at one of the restraunts on the main strip.  Had a Dungeoness crab sandwich.  I ate lots of seasfood over the weekend.  And boy, was it ever yummy!!  We didn't do much else saturday.  Just kinda hung out.  Sunday was check out day.  We drove on the beach to find some sand dollars that had washed up, and there were tons of people out there.  It was a pretty low tide, probablly minus.  I wish I had known that, I would have taken my clam guns with me and we could have gone clam digging.  That would have been fun!!  But oh well.  At least I know that I can go clam digging in Gearhart.  I guess it was a fairly uneventful weekend, but it was still fun, and I'm glad we went.

Since we've been back from the beach we've done nothing but shop!!  Shop, shop shop, shop, shop!!  My mom has been spoiling me an aweful lot since she's been here.  I feel kinda guilty because I know I can't spoil her in that way.  I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out something extra, extra, extra special to give her for mother's day, but I can't think of anything.  I don't really have time to crochet her anything, or really to make anything for her for that matter.  All of my free time has been spent with her.  It's still not enough.  I want to give her something REALLY special to show her that I appreciate everything she's done and has been doing for me.  Come on brain, think, think, think, think, think!!!!!  Maybe I'll think of something after mother's day and it can be a late Mother's day gift.

And that's the cliff notes version of everything so far.  Now I have to take my Explorer into the machanic to see why the oil preasure gauge is going all wonky on me and why the check gauge light keeps coming on.  Oil is full, so it's not that.  Hopefully it's nothing bad and it's just the sensors that are going out.  I'm also very lucky that my mechanic was able to get me in on such short notice.  He does great work, and I'm sad that the shop he works at is gonna be closing down. :(  He's not sure if he's gonna open his own place or not yet.  So until then, I have to get a reference from him.  Someplace he'd take his car to get fixed.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!

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