Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Visitors arrived today!!

My little Visitor arrived today!!  His name is Miles, and he's from the UK. 

He said it was quite a long trip, and he was glad to be here out of the post.  He wanted to go outside and play and stretch, but sadly, Oregon decided to live up to it's reputation.  So, it rained!  And it rained good today!

So glad Oregon could live up to it's reputaion.

He really looks like he wants to go play on the swings!

He'll get to play lots this weekend when we go camping for Memorial day weekend down at Sand Lake. 
Miles wasn't here for very long when he already made some new friends.  Steve and Aang were happy to greet him and make him feel welcome.  Miles shared some of his Shrimp and Nannas candy with them.  He even shared some wtih Lola!  Looks like it worked, because she welcomed him right away!  She's such a good girl!  The other fur babies were being a little on the shy side, but they'll open up to him.  It just takes them a little longer.

Tomorrow, Miles will got to work with me, and meet everyone there!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!!!

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