Sunday, May 13, 2012

A small success.........

Is still a success!!  I am down a couple pounds this week!  :D  A small victory, but still a victory!  I only got 2 days of swimming in, and was part of an all you can eat fish and chips dinner last night, also ate some saltwater taffy & pizza this week.  So this is proof that you can loose weight and still eat what you want!  So far the key seems to be moderation.  As long as you are able to eat the junky, yummy foods that we all love in small portions, you'll be ok.  Of course this is still only the first week, so we'll see how it goes from here.  Looks like I will be able to go swimming 3 days this week!  I also got myself a body ball for some strengthening.  So I will be able to incorporate that into my weekly routine now as well.  I plan getting some resistance bands later on.  But I want to start out slow because it's not something I'm super stoked about doing.
Now that my daughter is up, it's time to start our mother's day!  I want to do something in the sun since it's going to be a beautiful sunny day!  Upper 80's!!!  WOOHOO!!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!! <3

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