Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Starting off

So, I've got my grocery shopping done :)  Everything in my cart was fresh, except for the garbanzo beans.  Those were the only canned item I got.  I can't believe how much sodium is in those!  That's one thing that you need to watch is the nutrition labels on the canned & packaged foods.  If it has stuff in it that I can't pronounce, then I put it back.  Of course, I'm still buying groceries at my local supermarket.  I think I may see about getting food stamps (I qualify anyway just haven't gotten them) and using them to buy organic.  It's better for you anyway.  At least buying what I can't grow myself I should say.  Then freeze any excess that I grow.
I was bad this morning too.  I went for the quick fix for breakfast.  I had 2 donuts....... :(  It sounded good, and I didn't really want to make my oatmeal.  And like I said in my last post, if you have a craving, indulge it!  Granted I should have only had 1, but I didn't, and shame on me!! :(  That's the one mistake I DO NOT want to do, is be too hard on myself for indulging a little.
Well, off to put my groceries away and dig out my swim suit so I can go do some laps at the pool! :D  I love swimming!  And as a bonus, I have decided to ride my bike.  I need to get my legs stronger because I plan on biking to work and saving the gas in the car for further away places.

Happy Tuesday!! :D

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