Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still doing good!

My kind of diet is still going well.  I'm still eating good and still swimming.  I finally blew up my body ball and boy, is that thing great for stretching!!  Feels so good to lay on it and stretch out all the front muscles.  I'm still weighing myself on the scale and so far I'm down a total of 6lbs.  WOOHOO!!!! :)  I did 2 hours of laps on sunday too.  An unexpected swim.  But i was in a bad mood and thought swimming would help put me in a better mood.  Which it did.  I'm super tired today and not sure if I'm going to go today, if I do, I don't think I'll do the full 2 hours.  I even went to be early last night.  Maybe it's because I got up early to go grocery shopping this morning.  Time to go make breakfast.  Maybe I'll wake up a little more after I eat something.

Happy Tuesday!! :D

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