Sunday, August 29, 2010


Posting a little early today because not much left to do.  Today for eating I did ok.  I had a BST (substituting spinach for lettuce) for breakfast, then didn't really have lunch 'casue breakfast was kinda late.  I went up to my grandparents house and picked 3 gallon buckets of blackberries! YUMMY!  After picking blackberries I gave my grandma her bath, then she gave Munchkin $20 so we could go have sushi!  Another YUMMY!!  So we had a late lunch early dinner of Sushi.  It was good.
When we got home we got the blackberry stuff ready only to discover that we had no sugar.  So off to the store it was.  We rode our bikes since it's just right around the corner and my bike has a basket on it.  Threw the sugar in the basket and rode back home.  Got the blackberries going then went for a 1/2 hour bike ride.  My legs felt like jelly afterwards.  But it was worth it.
Soon Munchkin's daddy will pick her up for the last week of summer then I'll start in on my homework again.  Hopefully finish it.  Since I don't have to go to my grandparents tomorrow I can work on my homework more tomorrow after work.  Didn't get much done last night because I fell asleep while reading.  That's pretty much it for today, not very eventful, but a good day.  A perfect day for picking blackberries becasue it wasn't to hot.  The rest will hopefully be ready in 2 weeks and I can make more blackberry syrup!  I'm going to see if my mom will ship some of it to my little brother since he likes it a lot to.  I can't afford to send it otherwise I would.  Or I may just keep it all for myself.  Now the house smells like blackberries! :)

Happy Sunday everyone!!! <3

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