Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tonight's lecture

Wow!  What an informative night tonight's lecture was.  A lot of info about our cover letter and resumes.  Everyone is stressing about the resume part because no one really has a whole lot of experience writting them.  I'm stressed but confident that I will do good on my resume.  I'm not tired, which I'm a little bummed about because I wanted to get up before 9 in the morning.  Hopefully I'll get tired soon.  But there was a lot of information to process in class so I think that's why I'm not so tired.
Tomorrow I will have an early night at school because we have summer celebration and I'm going to go from 4-7 so I'll be home at a reasonable hour tomorrow.  Early to bed tomorrow!  I'm stoked!!  Now isn't that a sign that you're getting old??  When you're excited for an early bed time?  Man I sure hope not!  Hopefully I'll get my resume and what not done fairly eary tomorrow, so I can go shopping and find myself a nice outfit for mock interview.  I knew there was a reason I wanted to go to the good will today.  But anyway, I'm going to go to learn2type.com and see what my WPM is so I can accutately put that on my resume.  Ok, I'll paly with it tonight, then do it again tomorow when I'm refreshed and awake!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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