Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another catch-up post

Ok, so I haven't been very good lately, but I haven't been really bad either.  I finally finished that last little bit of candy we had in the house (it really wasn't that much and I spread it out over a week).  I have been trying to make an effort to eat smaller portions.  I do pretty good at work, but home is a whole other story.  The BF makes huge portions, but I try not to eat it all.  I've also been adding veggies to my dinners.  Dinner usually consists of rice, some kind of meat and veggies.
I have also been making an effort to be more active.  I'm working harder on getting my homework done a little faster, and I've been parking closer to the stairs at work and at school.  Right now taking the 4 flights of sitars is my limit, I can't do more than that, so I park as close to the second floor as possible.  It's really hard with my backpack on.  I get pretty out of breath and am breathing pretty hard by the time I reach my car, but I know as long as I stay with it I will acclimate at it won't be so hard for me.  I'm also trying even harder to ride my bike more.  Ii have yet to be successful at getting up at 4:30 to go for those walks, but I still set the alarm and I still am working on it.  It's so hard to get up after only like 4 hours of sleep.
Plus, I think I know why I've been so tired.  I've cut out red meat,  so I'm not getting the iron I was.  I'm hoping that getting some iron supplements will help, I'm also going to get some vitamin D supplements because without vitamin D, your body can't absorb the vitamins and minerals.  Apparently Vitamin D is like some kind of binding agent.  I know Iron binds oxygen to  your blood so your blood can carry it throughout your body.  So I figure that's why I'm so tired, by body isn't getting enough vitamins and not enough oxygen.  Friday is payday, so hopefully I will be able to go to Costco and get what I need.  I'm going to try and do a little research and see if there are some other supplements that would be worth it.  Then the problem comes with trying to remember to take the pills.  Hopefully It won't be a problem.  Will have to make myself little packets to carry around so I can take them at work.

School is still doing good.  I'm pretty sure I'm getting a B in the class.  I need to work a little harder to be doing better.  That B just isn't good enough.  But I guess the B allows me to spend time with my daughter, an A really wouldn't.  So if I look at it that way, a B is good enough.  I started earlier on memorizing my 10 drugs for the week.  Since next week is the last week for the class we're going to be tested on all 30 drugs that we've learned so far.  I've noticed that saying them out loud helps me memorize better than just saying them in my head.
Well, that's about it, not much else to report for the few days I went AFK (away from keyboard).  The important thing is that I'm still making an effort to loose weight.  I haven't tackled it full on, but I'm getting there.  I need to be trying harder be loosing weight though.  Scratch that, I NEED to be doing it.  If I don't get my weight under control, I'm going to end up with all kinds of health problems the older I get.  My back is already starting to hurt at work, so there's indication # 1 that I need to get crackin ASAP!  Plus we just got new shirts at work and mine don't fit me.  They kind of do, but when you get to the lower half, it doesn't fit, it's too tight.  And I know people at work are thinking "just loose some weight".  It's harder for some than for others.  Sadly it's harder for me.  I don't have a whole lot of willpower to say no to food.  Don't know why, but that's just the way it is.  I'm getting better at it, I don't gorge myself when we do buffets anymore, I no longer leave a buffet feeling sick, bloated and like my stomach is going to explode.  Plus, I'm working on drinking more water and I'm trying to drink more green tea as well.  I've noticed that when I drink a hot liquid with my meal, I fill up faster, so I'm going to try and add (preferably) green tea to my daily diet.  Need to find some organic green tea first though.

So with that, I am off to do my homework.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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