Thursday, September 9, 2010

What was my problem today!!

I honestly don't know.  I didn't have it in me to do ANYTHING today.  I relaxed a little this morning, got some hair made for Alexis's doll and watched a little tv.  Then I started in on my homework.  I got 2 chapters read, did 1 of the reviews, and couldn't get through the last chapter.  Maybe becasue it was so long, I don't know.  Bur for whatever reason, I just could not concentrate!  I would read, and wouldn't remember anything I had read and would have to re-read it.  I still couldn't retain what I had just read!  It was very frustrating, so I stopped and ate some lunch, thinking maybe that would help me focus.  Nope, it sure as hell didn't.  I tried to read that last chapter and I still could not focus on it.  So I had to stop.  It's very frustrating when you can't focus on your homework.  I'll hopefully be able to focus a little better tomorrow so I can study for my test.  I'm going in at 6:30 to study with a couple of the girls in my class so hopefully that will help.

Other than not being able to focus, today wasn't to bad.  Got Alexis off to school ok.  Made her scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and cheese.  She liked it.  Forgot to send her to school with a snack though :(  shame on me!  I didn't eat too much today.  I had a big bowl of Honey Kix cereal with some pumpkin flax seed cereal, banana and some srawberries.  It was good.  For lunch I had the last 2 Johnsonville Turkey & Cheese franks with the new flat buns.  They were hamburget buns.  But it was good, also had some of the sour cream & onion potato chips.  Dinner was another bowl of the same cereal.  Munchkin had been picked up for Karate class so there was no reason to cook dinner for just me.  I also had some candy today :(  A couple of the mini milky way bars and a couple reese's peanut butter cups, forzen of course.  Didn't get much exercise but I did take the stairs again at school! :)  Both up & down.  I may only be making a small effort to change things, but at least it's some kind of effort, right?

So, I guess that's all for today, and if there's any thoughts on why I couldn't focus today, I would love to hear them!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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