Saturday, September 18, 2010


Looks like might end up being a decent saturday.  The sun is out, the rain is holding off (for now).  My mom is here and I get to spend all day with her :)  Ok, well most of it anyway.  I have homework to do, so I need to work that in there.  I need to study my flash card and what not.  Have some fake prescriptions to write for our labs this week, and I need to finish my script to labels.  It sounds like a lot, but it's not really.    I also need to work on my packages for my swap partners.  I've started both, have 1 item finished for each, but I need to do a few more, and finish the main item I'm sending.  With school and mom here, it's kinda hard, but that's ok.  I should be able to work everything in there.
Last night at school was pretty good, I got an 87% on my test! :D  Pretty happy about that.  I'm still amazed that I'm donig so well in school.  I've never really done this well.  Hopefully as the course goes on, I'll do better and get better at it.  But I'm not gonna complain, I'll take a B any day!
Today, mom and I are going to run some errands after the Kids Turn class.  The touch screen on my phone isn't working anymore so we need to go and have Verizon look at it, need to go to Costco to get some goodies.  I'm finally going to get myself thos Iron pills. I was an hour late to work yesterday because I just couldn't wake up!  So frustrating.  Then I looked at the backside of my eyelids to see the color, and they're awfully pale!  You want them to be kind of on the pinker side, but mine were pretty damn close to flesh tone.  That's an indication thay you're low on Iron.  I'm also going to get some other vitamis so I can make my own vitamin cocktail!  Woohoo!!  Well, time to go, mom is back from getting her coffee and I need to eat something before we leave to kids turn.  There's a parade this morning in beaverton so part of the roads are closed so I want to get there a little early so we have time to find the place or I can walk to it.
Happy Satruday everyone!!

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