Saturday, September 25, 2010

Class 2 done!

I'm so happy!!  I got an A in my first Pharmacy Technician class!!!  I'm so happy!  I figured I was getting nothing more than a B.  That is, after all what I averaged on my tests.  I didn't know that all our labs were going to be graded as well.  I got perfect scores on all our labs.  And the final was worth 100 points and I got 100 points on that as well.  YAY!!!  The teacher was VERY impressed with how I handled her call.  She was trying to be funny.  She had called in a prescription for Viagra and I happened to be the one who answered the phone.  She tried so hard to make me laugh, everyone else in the room was rolling and in tears they were laughing so hard.  But I kept my cool.  She said my voice didn't crack at all!  There were a couple of times where I had to stop and take a deep breath to stop myself from laughing.  But she said I did great!  That made me feel good.  I tried really hard to be profesional and take is somewhat serious.  That was part of our grade to.  It looks like I did a good job at it to. :)  I'm glad this class is over with and we're moving on to the next class.
I guess the next one is going to be pretty hard.  We're learning about the heart.  Hopefully I have still retained my knowledge from when I took Anatomy & Physiology when I was going to school for massage.  Well, better get off to bed.  Don't get to sleep in very long tomorrow, and I have lots of reading to do this weekend! 
So night all, & enjoy this randome picture :D
Fruity oaty bars!!!  Who loves Firefly/Serenity!

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