Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So, I just got a butt load of homework, and for those wondering, a butt load is a lot.  Think of the biggest butt you've ever seen, yea that's how much homework I have for this week.  JUST THIS WEEK!!!  How am I going to get anything else done??  In my one book, Language of Medecine (LOM), each chapter is like 12 hours of reading.  I can barely stay awake long enough to finish a paragraph, how the heck am I going to stay awake to read 12 hours of reading??  The math I'm not so stressed out about, it's the reading.  Plus I have to memorize my 10 drugs for the week, write out my prescriptions, I have a worksheet to do, DAMN, I'm not going to have time for anything!!!  I seriously need to take some time off work so I can get some of this other stuff done so I don't feel so overwhelmed with everything. 
Fiday, one of my supervisors, who is has a huge heart, suggested I take a leave of absence to get better.  I've been under a lot of stress lately.  Thinking back on it, that could be why I've been so tired and so reluctant to get up and get out of bed.  I have to make an apointment with my Dr soon, so I will talk to her about it.  My supervisor suggested that I take an intermitent loa, which I think would be a fantastic idea.  An intermitent LOA is good for 6 months, versus a regular LOA which is just 3 straight months.  I'm going to have to talk to them about the intermitent part and find out what exactly it entails.  They want to knowt he exact days I need off, but that's the thing, I don't know.  Oh, and she suggested that because I've been late 3 times in the last month, dead tired all the time, fall asleep on my breaks and just plain ol' worn down.  I've had at least 3 call ins this year alone, and compared to the last few years, that's a drastic change.  The last couple of years I haven't called in at all.  I think it would be a good idea, I was told if I do that, then if I call in sick or I'm late, it won't count against me.  Note to self: Call and make Dr appt.
So I think that pretty much covers it, Oh, wait, no.  I've just realized that I've been pretty bad about keeping up on reporting on my "dieting".  Well, since my mom has been here, I haven't been doing all that well.  Today was the worst day.  We had buffet for dinner and, well, I overate.  I'm still feeling full and bloated.  It kinda feels like it wants to come back up.  Hopefully we won't do any more buffet dinners while she's here.  I need to get back into doing good mode.  I'm hoping to get up early, like I'm always hoping to do, and go for a bike ride since it was nice today and really warm!  If I get up early, it will hopefully give me some energy before work to.  So, wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I get up and go on that bike ride!!

So with that, I hope everyone had a fantastic monday, and Good night!!

OH, tomorrow night is Glee!!!  I can't wait!!  Will have to watch it on hulu wedensday morning after Munchkin goes to school!!  YAY!! GLEE!!!

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