Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch-up post

So it's been a couple days, time to update!  Didn't have time on Monday after camping due to Munchkin coming home, and unpacking and being tired and all that jazz.  Had to study after work yesterday for my quiz on last weeks 10 drugs, got 8/10!  Missed because of spelling errors.  YAY me!!  Imagine what I could be getting if I was actually applying myself more!  I could be getting an A, working on it.

My nephew took this picture.

OK, so the weekend was great.  Went camping with my older brother.  We went to Jones Creek which is only about an hour from the house here.  It was cool, but not to bad.  It could have been worse, we could have gotten rained on all weekend long!  I had to take my homework with me to study.  The kids played.  Steve was helping a friend of his bow hunt for elk.  Steve got his last week and we had some of it camping, OMG, it was so yummy!!!  Of course a lot of the food I ate over the weekend was crappy food.  I tried to be good and get decent food and not just totally crap-food.  I didn't do to bad.  I tried not to eat to much while I was there either.  I didn't do to bad.

So when I got there, I said hi, got parked and started to unload.  Then it was time to set up my sleeping area.  It was very cozy!  Well, for the most part.  The first night, my air mattress lost all it's air because the cover fell of the hole, and I was using tape to try to keep the air in, and well, yea, that didn't work out so well.  So Sunday, I had to drive ALL the way back to Forest Grove to the new Wal-mart there, and got myself a new air mattress for $20.  Not a bad price!  Of course, got some other goodies while I was there, didn't need any of them, but they sounded good at the time!  Thankfully Forest Grove is only about 1/2 an hour away from where we were camping.  I opted not to go to Tillamook, I wasn't 100% positive that Fred Meyer's would have what I was looking for since they had clearanced all their camping equipment.  So I figured since Forest Grove had Wal-mart & Fred Meyer, I would go there instead.  So once I got my stuff and was loading it in my car, I was looking at the deflated air mattress with my blankets and pillows, and realized that if anyone had a camera near by, I could end up on "People of Wal-mart"!  I didn't want that, but I still had to laugh at the thought!  So here is where I slept!  The back of the Explorer.  It was nice in there, but next time I will definitely have to take 2 sleeping bags, one to sleep on so I don't get cold from the cold air in the mattress, and one to cover up with so I don't get cold from the cold air inside the Explorer.  Other than being cold, it was a pretty nice set up.  I had my snacks, books, my portable DVD player to watch movies while in bed.  Yup, that's roughing it! :D

Needless to say, her mom wasn't too happy about this, but it came off and was so funny!!
I guess for the most part, camping was uneventful, relaxing & kinda quiet.  There were a total of 6 kids there.  My 3 nephews and the friend of Steve's 3 daughters.  Her kids ranged from 18 mos to 7 years.  The 7 year old showed the other kids that you can paint your face with the charcoal from the fire pit, so yea..... that was pretty good!

We walked down to the creek and went looking for crawdads, Steve caught 3 with a fishing pole.  Caught them with the line, 2 he hooked and one grabbed the lure.

Hook, Line & Sinker!

Someone's having crawdads for dinner!!

Of course crawdads weren't the only critters we saw down at the creek.  We saw fish, didn't catch any because they were to small to catch, and this little froggy!  He was cute and so tiny!  Don't let the picture fool you, he was about the size of a thumbnail.

Steve gave all the kids quad rides, after his naps of course!  They would get up at like the butt-crack of dawn to try to find some elk.  Sadly, no luck......

Jaime's brother and cousin were there as well, and they decided to play survival in the woods.  When I got there on Saturday (everyone else had gotten there Friday), the boys had made a shelter.  My nephew took some pictures of it.  Luckily because I forgot to.  Sadly we got the pictures taken after they had taken the hypothermia blankets off and put the branches and stuff back on.  Once their friend got there they went off into the woods to camp for the night.
The crawdads that Steve caught were actually supposed to be their dinner, their whole idea was to eat what they caught, but they didn't go very far from camp so when they got hungry, they just walked back to camp.  Yup, that's survivalism, lol!  They stayed pretty warm in there and on Sunday morning, they woke up to a deer smelling around their heads.  That would have been pretty neat to wake up to!

Monday came way to fast, and yet not fast enough lol!  Couldn't wait to get home and shower!  3 days without one is, well, that's camping!  So we were packing up and I had a left over jug of water that I didn't want to take home with me, so I was going to put the rest of in the washer fluid compartment since the truck was pretty dusty.  And what do I find under my hood when I open it.........

Aren't they friggin cute!!!!!
MICE!!!  3 little mice had made a nest under the hood of my car.  I'm not sure if they did it Saturday when I got there or if they did on Sunday when I got back.  I guess it was nice and warm under there.  I'm still trying to figure out how they got up in there.  It's not like the Explorer is close to the ground.  But they were so cute!  Little gray and white meeces!!  I kinda wanted to take them home and put them in a cage and keep them, but the cats would probably have eaten them.  Still, what a thing to find under there!  Thankfully, they didn't chew through anything, They scattered shortly after taking the picture.

I will post more later tonight when I get home from school.  I'll give an update on my "diet" and school.  So until then, Happy Wednesday!!

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